Judges told to improve performance


THE judiciary is requesting judges and magistrates to improve the flow of court cases to avoid backlogs.
Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said this during the opening of the renovated district courthouse in Lae.
He told the judges and magistrates that there must also be improvement to their performance in the dispensation of justice.
Sir Salamo said time was of the essence and an asset in the way the courts conducted their businesses.
“Our punctuality in attending to our work in a timely manner must always be our priority,” he said.
“We spend much of our quality time doing nothing or attending to personal interests.
“Cover as much ground as possible during working hours. It will see improvements to the amount of work we put in.”
He urged them to “start on time and finish on time” instead of wasting time.
Meanwhile, he said the judiciary was doing well in managing the construction and development of facilities.

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