Juffa challenges MPs joining government


NORTHERN Governor and People’s Movement for Change Party leader Gary Juffa says the leaders from other political parties and independent candidates that have joined People’s National Congress (PNC) party to form the government have failed the first test of leadership.
In a media conference after yesterday’s parliament sitting, Juffa said those leaders that had joined the PNC had immediately abandoned their people upon gaining their mandate.
“Instead of serving the interest of their people who voted for them, they served their own interest. What a shame.” Juffa said.
However, he said the people of PNG still had 46 voices in parliament from the Opposition who would stand up and fight for them.
“We (Opposition) will continue this fight,” he said.
“Peter O’Neill has compromised the public service, the PNG Defence Force, police, abused democracy and suppressed the rights of people to speak and congregate freely.
“He even controlled the freedom of media and everything else making the country going into a dictatorship.
“Therefore, we the leaders and the citizens of this country must all work together to throw him out,” Juffa said.
Juffa further thanked the Opposition MPs from the last Parliament like Sam Basil, Dr Allan Marat and Belden Namah who set the foundation for the new team.
“If we are not careful with the dictatorship type of government then he (O’Neill) will rob our people of their rights,” Juffa said.

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