Juffa focuses on joining Eastern Highlands camp

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Leader of the People’s Movement for Change and Northern Governor Gary Juffa, pictured, says he will work with the MPs in the Eastern Highlands camp to form the new government that the people deserve.
Being the only winning candidate in his party, he said it’s not about quantity but quality of leadership.
“I will be more focused on the province and I’m not seeking ministerial portfolios or anything like that,” Juffa said.
“I will be supporting Sam Basil, Dr Alan Marat, Kerenga Kua, Belden Namah and those leaders in the opposition team to form the government.
“We will be working towards forming a new government that the people of this country deserve,  a government that is going protect  he interest of PNG and not sell our  esources and land and destroy us,” Juffa said.
He added that he was the
only winning member of his party  but they are looking at the at quality of leadership which mattered most.
“There are parties with so many numbers but I can tell you the quality is not there, they may have the quantity but they don’t have quality.
“That’s what we want, we want quality leaders to serve and protect this nation,” Juffa said.
He is considering moving to Eastern Highlands sometime today to join the camp.
“I want to thank the people of Oro, especially the children, it was their election, I expected them to speak but they didn’t. They roared instead.
“I want to encourage the other candidates to forget about legal action, and work with me.
“I have an open door policy and I’m willing to work with them if they come forward and offer their services.”

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