Juffa keen on ensuring cancellation of SABLs enforced


NOTHERN Governor Gary Juffa has called on the Government to let him lead a team to ensure that the cancellation of all Special Agricultural and Business Leases are enforced.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had recently announced the cancellation of all SABLs. “Give me a budget and I will get all these people to travel to all these logging camps, all these illegal activities, all these SABL and I will chop them down for you and I will do it for free,” Juffa said.
“Appoint a committee, appoint a chairman, someone who is going to do it, like myself.
“We can get the army, we can get the police and we can visit all these illegal logging camps and SABLs and take back the land that belongs to the people.”
Juffa queried whether the Government was going to actually going to cancel the leases.
“Is this a political gimmick, because the elections are around the corner,” he said.
“They are telling the people that they are concerned about their land, about their forest and what has been happening.”
“Why did they wait for so long? The recommendations were in Parliament for the last five years.
“All of a sudden now they’ve awaken from their slumber and they want to do something about this.”

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