Juffa raises concern over inflated contracts


Northern Governor Gary Juffa,is suggesting that the government review all its “inflated contracts” at this time when cash is short and look at the taxation policy.
He said this should be an alternative to scrapping provincial and district services improvement programme (PSIP, DSIP).
“What the government can do is review all its inflated contracts,” Juffa said.
“Stop dishing out all these inflated contracts to friends and cronies.
“Take a concerted look at the taxation policy and see how they can go after the entities that haven’t been paying tax, especially those in the fisheries and forestry sectors.
“Some of these guys haven’t been paying taxes for 20 to 30 years.”
Juffa said some companies had been declaring losses “year-in year-out” to avoid paying tax.
“Why can’t the government target these guys instead of the DSIP and PSIP?” Juffa said.
“I agree that the PSIP and DSIP are not guaranteed funding per year, but in these hard times, it’s the only funding that’s available for the provinces and electorates.
“I truly think that they need to revisit this.
“I’m asking the Treasurer (Charles Abel) to rethink his strategy in regards to the PSIP and DSIP.
“I know that all MPs will agree that these are the only funds that they have available to be able to at least meet some of the shortfalls in their electorates and provinces.
“This is because the funding that is supposed to come from the national government is simply not making it to the provincial and district treasuries.”

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