Juffa warns expatriates


NORTHERN Governor Gary Juffa has warned expatriates working in his province to treat his people with respect.
The warning follows reports of locals being sworn at and treated in a racist manner.
He said this after several inspections of business houses when the public had complained that certain expatriates were behaving in a racist manner, swearing and mistreating members of the public and staff.
“I warn expatriates working in this province not to swear at or treat my people in a racist manner,” Juffa said.
“People with such attitudes are not welcome in Northern,” he said.
I would like to see to it that these people are removed from my province.”
Juffa called on companies to screen their employees before recruiting them. He said that several companies were developing the habit of employing neocolonial racists who behaved as if they were in apartheid South Africa.
Juffa said that the Oro provincial government was going to pass laws to fine companies whose expatriate staff behaved in a racist manner towards his people.
Minister for Labour and Employment Benjamin Poponawa last week urged the public to report to his department foreigners who have questionable characters.
Poponawa said the department’s major objective was to weed out illegal activities, particularly regarding foreign employment. He said that if there were foreigners who had questionable characters, people should give details to the department and provide location to be inspected.

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