Juveniles spread message through song

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A five-member band from the juvenile compound of the Bomana prison has a message for young people through a song it has just recorded.
The band members have one thing in common – they were students until recently took the wrong course in life and ended up behind bars.
They are led by Gordon Gala Jr, the most senior member who was imprisoned while doing Grade 11 at Sogeri National High in 2013.
The other members are Adrian Paul (Grade 10), Jorris Alphonse (Grade 8), Simon Minai (Grade 8) and Allan Buka (Grade 6).
“The title of our song is ‘Stop Marijuana’,” Gala said.
“It is a reflection of our lives. While enjoying freedom, we didn’t give any thoughts about abstaining from taking drugs.
“Marijuana consumption and various other factors led us towards lawlessness, that is why we are now behind bars.
“We want to spread the message through a song to tell other young people, especially students, to abstain from taking drugs.”
The band was busy hitting high notes yesterday at the CHM Super Sound Studios.
They are part of a wider arrangement between the Bomana Correctional Service, CHM, National Capital District Commission’s Yumi Lukautim Mosbi and National Youth Development Authority that allowed the inmates to compete in a recording contest for the 10 best songs that send out messages against social ills confronting the nation.
The songs will be compiled and used by the inmates and partners during awareness campaigns at schools in the National Capital District from next month.

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