K400,000 for road, bridge


DEI MP Wesley Nukundi has given K400,000 for the reconstruction of a culvert bridge and emergency patrol grading of an 18km road in his electorate.
The constriction of the crossing will be at River Kupinnga to reconnect Muglamp, Paglum and Keta Kori.
Since its recent collapse more than 50,000 people were affected because this was their only bridge linking Mt Hagen city and the district.
The Dei district headquarter, schools and the Gumanch coffee plantation, the world’s third largest coffee plantation, are also located on the other side of the river.
The 18km Ambra to Muglamp-Eng road will also be upgraded.
Dei district development authority chief executive officer Steven Korowa presented the K400,000 cheque to the managing director of the Karamong Ltd Lesley Kerua on Monday in Mt Hagen for the road upgrading and construction of the bridge.
Korowa said that the bridge was washed away early this year and people have had difficulty travelling to Mt Hagen. Korowa said this culvert bridge is one of the many bridges in the Dei which have been funded by the MP.
“The people of Dei will continue to witness many bridges constructed in the electorate,” Korowa said.
He said the Ambra to Muglamp-Eng road was part of the K5 million road projects funded by Nukundi and counter-funded by the provincial government. Korowa said the district, under the Nukundi has funded other bridges and roads at Munga, Kuiya, Yagen, Yan and also purchased excavators for road construction and upgrading in the electorate.
He said roads and bridges have become the MP’s key priority areas to enable other basic services like health, education and farming.

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