K55,300 gift helps law students pay tuition fees


Nineteen law students at the Legal Training Institute in Port Moresby received a total of K55,332 from National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop last Friday to help with their tuition fees.
“I want you all to take your profession seriously, to do your best and go to the extent that you can go,” Parkop said.
He said lawyers serve the people in many areas in the public and private sectors.
Parkop said that he, too, had worked as a lawyer and was now a politician representing the people of NCD as governor.
“This type of training and background will give you a strong foundation to represent your people,” he said.
Student representative Emmanuel Sawan thanked Parkop for the assistance.
“We are blessed to have you as our governor and we believe and have trust in your leadership as our governor,” he said.
Sawan said that without the NCD assistance the students would not have been able to complete their study.
“We, the students, have put our hands up to participate in every activity and event to make Port Moresby a safe, clean and a better place for everyone to live in,” he said.
The students joined Parkop yesterday in the Walk Against Violence campaign which especially targeted gender-based violence.

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