Kali: No recruitments for depts


DEPARTMENT of Personnel Management Secretary John Kali has warned heads of departments that starting next year, there would be no more recruitment of new staff.
Kali said the department would be sending out a circular on it.
He said Cabinet had instructed the department not to accept any more restructures from next year.
“I’ve closed the door and I’ve instructed my staff we are not going to entertain any more restructures,” he said.
“If you want reorganisation for 2018, submit those proposals by March 31, 2017, and we will think about it for 2018.
“Forget about 2017 refinement and reorganisation of your structures – unless you can prove to me that you have savings within your organisation.”
Kali said human resource management was a major concern and people’s issues was going to drive the public service.
Kali told the department heads that some changes would be taking place soon in terms of government office accommodation.
“There are a lot of lease agreements and lot of government offices space being accommodated and with no government departments occupying these offices. Yet the department of finance is paying,” he said.
“We will be reducing some of the rental rates and shifting government departments out of highly rented office space and moving them into a more reasonable priced offices.”

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