Kalinoe explains role of Land Titles Commission


LAND Titles Commission (LTC) has jurisdiction to hear applicants for land tenure conversion under its Act, Department of Justice and Attorney-General Secretary Dr Lawrence Kalinoe says.
He told The National that the LTC did not carry out the process for customary land registration as it was done by the Department of Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP).
Commenting on claims that there may be duplication of roles by the two departments, Kalinoe explained that the Land Titles Commission was guided by the legislation that regulated the process of land tenure conversions.
Land tenure conversion by the LTC was a different process and had different consequences and utility to those available under voluntary customary land registration.
He said voluntary customary land registration was done under new laws through the registrar of customary lands in the Lands Department and the LTC had not part in this Kalinoe said the settlement payments (compensation) for former customary land owners for land that the State acquired in the colonial period and now used for public purposes was done through the National Land Commission (NLC) under the National Land Registration Act.
He said that landowners from Veifa’a would have to go through the process for compensation which they were claiming over land on which a church and a nursing school were built.

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