Kaukas shock Central Schools in grand final


Kirakira Kaukas shocked Central Schools 3-1 in the tier two men’s grand final match of the national under-21 volleyball championship on Sunday at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre in Port Moresby.
The men’s games in tier one, featuring Vabukori and Huon Gulf from Lae, and the tier two were the last two games in the grand final.
In the tier one final, Vabukori were crowned champions after defeating Huon Gulf 3-1. The Kaukas comprising of primary and secondary school students have revived the spirit of volleyball in Kirakira village in the National Capital District.
The  village last competed in a major tournament 13 years ago.
The Kaukas showed class and dominance in the first two sets to shut out the Central Schools team.
The Central Schools fought hard to win the third set but the Kaukas came out victorious in the final set.
After winning the third set, the Central Schools looked confident to force a draw but the Kaukas came from behind and won the fourth set with the assistance of hitter and team captain Toru Hou Jnr.
Kaukas coach Momo Momo was impressed with the performance.
“My boys know very well how to contain the pressure and play the game well,” Momo said.
“And this is why we have won today because my boys and I remained calm after our opponents were leading.”

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