Kaukau garden amazes people


AN extraordinary sweet potato (kaukau) dug up at the construction site of a church at Baisu, Western Highlands has amazed many.
The kaukau weighing 16kg with just one vine and dug up in the middle of dry soil where no sweet potato garden existed before caused many to believe that it is a miracle.
Pastor Gabriel Kiap, a member of the local community, said he believed the kaukau was a sign from God that something positive was bound to happen.
Kiap is a pastor of the Faithful Ministry Church that comes under the Global Mission Vision.
He said: “On Sept 9, all the church congregation and some members of the community were clearing the land I had given up to build a church.
“It was just near the road and on dry rough soil. But then we came across a sweet potato plant with just one vine that we dug up and it had a huge extraordinary tuber which amazed most of us.
“We never made any garden here. It’s unbelievable. I have the strongest conviction that it’s a miracle kaukau, a sign from God that he wants to do something positive here.”
Kiap said he was certain that after the Elti Pinambe tribe at Baisu declared “Elti Pinambe for Jesus Christ” and dedicated the tribe and land, they invited God into the community.
Community leader Andrew Pet said the community in Baisu wanted change and the sweet potato was related to that.
“Youths have said no to drugs and alcohol and wanted to change their lives. We support the pastor and his congregation,” Pet said.
“I believe God is trying to do something for our community. I thank Kiap for giving his land to the church.
“The youths and community are at the back of the pastor.”

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