Kauona reconciles with PNG


NO Papua New Guinean should shed blood again to protect the interests of foreign investors, former Bougainville Revolutionary Army leader Sam Kauona says.
For the first time in 27 years after the civil war the former commander of BRA travelled out of Bougainville to Lae and reconciled with executives of the People’s Progress Party (PPP) on Friday during the party’s convention.
“Our entourage to Lae is to commit our leadership with PPP and to reconcile with people of Papua New Guinea,” Kauona said.
Kauona and his entourage presented shell money to PPP president Brown Sinamoi, former Deputy Prime Minister and Mendi MP Michael Nali and Trans Wonderland company owner Larry Andagali as a token of reconciliation.
“Our main aim was to protect the citizens and oppose the idea of mining in the colonial law of ‘terra-nullius’ the underlying concept that encourages foreigners to destroy natural habitats and resources in Pacific Islands,” Kauona said.
“The ideology of government owning resources beneath six-feet of the earth while people owning six-feet above the soil is illogical. Enough is enough.
PPP party leader Ben Micah concurred with Kauona while accepting the gifts from the Bougainvilleans.
“Our governance systems and processes are failing our citizens badly resulting in such severe issues,” Micah said.

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