KBK launches first fuel tanker, escort vehicle


KBK Limited has launched its first fuel tanker and an escort vehicle to transport fuel from Madang to the KBK mine for the operation of the nickel/cobalt project.
KBK Limited general manager John Opotio, said the landowners from the Kurumbukari mine under the Ramu nickel/cobalt project in Usino-Bundi, Madang were serious about doing business.
He said after nine years of struggle, they were serious about turning things around and putting smiles on the faces of the landowners.
“It is no secret that KBK Ltd has so far provided little to satisfy the landowners from the mine site,” he said.
“But after today, we want to change for the better and we are determined to bring pride to this company and gain confidence from our people, the developer Ramu NiCo and the Government through Mineral Resource Authority.”
He urged Ramu NiCo and the Government to assist KBK Ltd with more business opportunities.
Opotio said KBK Ltd had a fleet of vehicles and planned to buy another fuel tanker next year.
The executive general manager of RamuNiCo community affairs department Yuan Zhi, congratulated KBK Ltd for the great achievements. He said RamuNiCo-MCC was ready to help all landowners companies  including Maigari Ltd, Basamuk Enterprises and Wass Matau Ltd, representing the RamuNiCo Project impact areas.

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