Kelton wants quality checks before declaration


WEST New Britain election manager Emily Kelton wants quality checks done on counted ballot papers before any declaration is made.
Her assurance came after she received a petition from a group of candidates contesting the three seats in the province.
They petitioned for a thorough check in certain ballot boxes they were disputing.
Spokesman William Garey said all they were asking for was transparency in the counting process.
The candidates were disputing certain ballot boxes like count 2 and 6 of Kandrian-Gloucester.
They claimed people did not vote freely as many ballot papers had the same writing and colour of ink.
Kandrian-Gloucester MP Joseph Lelang, who led the race from count one, polled 16,850 votes when counting ended on count 22.
Lelang said he received the high number of votes because he had spent time campaigning.
He had spent three weeks in Gloucester, which reflected in the results, and also initiated projects across the electorate.
Lelang said there was a shift in the election trend, people were no long voting along with their clans and tribes.
Lelang said people also wanted continuity because he had yet to complete some important projects such as a communication tower, rural housing, water and agriculture, and a university centre  in Gloucester.

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