Kilakila Secondary partners with Queensland school


IPSWICH Grammar School in Queensland has arranged for a partnership programme with Kilakila Secondary School in the Moresby South Electorate.
Moresby South MP Justine Tkatchenko told the students last week that Australia has all the resources and very good educational facilities and infrastructure to develop their education to a higher level.
“Ipswich Grammar School is here to look at how they could assist in further educating Papua New Guineans and create a good partnership with Kilakila Secondary School to build the relationship closer to Papua New Guinea,” Tkatchenko said.
“They are looking for student who are excelling and doing well in Kilakila Secondary and with my support they could take them to Queensland to attend school and enhance themselves.”
He wants to see student become models by coming back and be the productive part to this country.
Tkatchenko said he had seen a lot of benefit from people who had the opportunity to go to school in Australia.
“I have seen a lot of benefit from people studying overseas, not only in school but also in sports and when they come back they impart that knowledge in this country,” he said.
“Ipswich has all that facilities to develop our young people.”
Tkatchenko will be working with the principal of Kilakila Secondary School to identify students who could become potential candidates for the programme.

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