Killing of two policemen in SHP well-planned: Officer


The shooting of the two Hela police officers in Southern Highlands on Sept 30 was well-planned and executed, a police investigator says.
Supt Philip Rambaliku, the chief of police forensic science service, revealed this on Friday after attending the crime scene at Wara Anga in Southern Highlands.
The two officers were shot dead by gunmen at Wara Anga between Ialibu and Mendi.
Rambaliku said from the crime scene reconstruction, it appeared that police officers where dragged out of their vehicle and shot indiscriminately on the side of the road.
“Their vehicle was also examined; no bullet holes on the side of their vehicle were found. This was all well-planned. “It is believed it was masterminded and properly engineered, which led to the killing of the two innocent policemen.”
Rambaliku said the motive of the killing was not known but believed it was election-related.
The truth would be established through a proper investigation, he said.
However, he said the investigation was now put on hold and would be delayed for sometime because of the volatile situation in Mendi and they would continue once everything had returned to normal.
“This is because I’m really concerned about the safety of my officers and we will wait until normalcy returns.”
Rambaliku said while the investigation in Southern Highlands was delayed, he was working on the shooting of two police mobile squad officers from Mt Hagen in Enga during election.

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