Kina gives K2000 to support literacy competition


KINA Securities Limited (KSL) has given K2000 to the Crocodile Prize Organisation 2017 competition.
Organisation chairman Emmanuel Peni said the money would go to the poetry category of the competition.
“Since the inception of the competition, we have received many great writings from writers all over the country,” Peni said.
“To write, one must be inspired by the environment and events around one. And when the writer writes from these inspirations, it inspires others to something.”
The categories are poetry, short stories, heritage writing, writing for children, essays and journalism, women in writing, and emerging young writer.
KSL chief executive Syd Yates said the country’s culture had to be preserved through literature and the company was supporting the competition as it was of benefit to the community.
“Kina is pleased to support the competition because Papua New Guinea’s rich culture and tradition is slowly dying and if not captured through literature, it will be lost forever,” Yates said.
“At Kina we put our community at the centre of everything we do.
“Our community is important to us and initiatives such as the competition contributes meaningfully to the sustainable development and social wellbeing of our communities.”
The Crocodile Prize Writers Competition is named after the first novel written by Sir Vincent Eri published in 1970.
It is Papua New Guinea’s only national literacy competition.

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