Know your rights and follow the law: Police


THE Lae district community police have started their election awareness programme targeting the markets and the miles area to teach people how to behave during the polling period.
A total of 28 market locations within the city and the miles area in Lae Open, parts of Houn Gulf and Nawaeb is being covered.
Senior Sergeant Alois Gabor on Friday reminded residents at Papuan Compound about the importance of keeping with the law leading up to the polling and counting days.
He has warned the people that police will be on alert during those times to make sure that people followed the rules for a smooth, fair and free election.
He warned that double voting is illegal and anyone found doing that will be dealt with by the police.
Gabor said election posters should not be taken down or burnt as this is against the law and because the candidates have spent a lot of money to get them printed.
He said voters should exercise their democratic rights.
“Alcohol should not be used during polling and anybody found to be under the influence of alcohol and causing nuisance at polling booths will face immediate arrest by police and other security personnel,” Gabor said.
“We all have to exercise our democratic rights in casting votes without intimidation, force or bribery.
“People living with disabilities also have the same rights as able people.”
He said the limited preferential voting system allowed voters to make three choices so they should exercise that right and vote wisely.
Lae police have introduced a toll free phone number (70903300) and are inviting members of the public to report any problem to them.

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