Koa Moana training exercise ends


THE United States Marine Task Force Koa Moana and the PNG Military Police ended their training at the Goldie Barracks on Tuesday.
It was part of an Exercise Koa Moana between US Marine and Pacific nations including PNG Defence Force to prepare for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meeting in 2018.
Chief of Force Preparation Col Siale Francis Diro commended the US Marine for providing the training as it would enable the Pacific nations to fill gaps that have been lacking.
“We have a traditional relationship with the US Army but for the first time this year we have engaged the US Navy,” Diro said.
“I thank the US government. This exercise is for the first time for military police and we are so grateful for that because it is preparing us for upcoming international events.
“It has enabled us to see the gaps that we need to fill and build our military police capabilities and what they acquired will provide a platform for security support in the Apec.
“Our country is a land of many tribes and over 800 languages and without these values, we will find it very difficult to bring people together.
“It is with these values that we build our security engagement in our region and invest in the relationship with you (US) as well as other countries.
“The areas of training are checkpoints, motorcade security operations, personal control, crowd control and general police functions.”

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