Kokao removed, Jonduo takes office


MORE than 1,000 teachers and parents marched into the Eastern Highlands provincial education office and locked out provincial education adviser Robert Kokao on Monday.
It followed a tussle for the position between Kokao and Thomas Jonduo, disrupting education service in the eight districts of the province over the past 12 weeks.
Jonduo was operating on the streets while Kokao was operating in the office when acting provincial administrator Samson Akunai directed Kokao to clear the way for Jonduo to take office.
However, when Kokao refused to leave, frustrated teachers and parents marched into the office and locked the main door and the director’s office and wanted to see Jonduo take up the office without delay.
Soon after the takeover of office on Monday, Jonduo told teachers and parents that the office of the provincial education director belonged to the people of Eastern Highlands and not to any individual.
“Schools must be in operational, teachers must be put on the payroll, problems of influx of students in classrooms must be resolved and the list goes on,” he said.
“Education services in the province has declined in the last three to four years due to administration problems, I will now work hard to address all these problems.”

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