Kokoda anniversary a chance to promote tourism


The 75th anniversary of the Kokoda Track is expected to see an increase in the number of trekkers, according to Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Emil Tammur.
Tammur said an average of 3000 trekkers visited PNG annually to trek Kokoda and with its 75th anniversary, he has urged all stakeholders to continue to support and promote the country’s largest tourist attraction.
The minister also commended all stakeholders who had played a significant role in their various capacities towards developing the tourism industry in the country.
“Tourism is a multi-dimensional phenomenon and we need the support from other organisations and stakeholders, and what you have done in the past is worth commending and you do deserve credit where it is due,” he said.
“Let us continue to promote Kokoda and welcome our guests into Kokoda and PNG.”
Tammur said that since the opening of the trek, there had been a lot of opportunities of employment and education.
“As well health services had been enhanced and this included skills training which has reached the local people from Kokoda in Northern and Owes Corner in Central.
“If such a track can bring in benefits to local people, this is evident that all other tourism destinations we have across the country can boost local provincial economies and enable local people to benefit from tourism.”

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