Kokoda, Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels hailed


KOKODA Track and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels are historical names that will be remembered by future generations, a Kokoda Track official says.
The chairman of the Kokoda Track Central Secretariat, Philip Batia said it was important for PNG as well as Australia to look back on our historical time line and learn what the forefathers have done for both countries.
Batia said 75 years or three quarters of a century has gone, but the work they did remained to be remembered and he hoped that would continue into the future.
He also said that there were some changes made in terms of the dates for the remembrance events this year to allow for the completion of the national elections.
He said the significance of war in Kokoda would be celebrated with four events this year.
The events are a corporate dinner on Sept 2 at the Gateway Hotel, an endurance marathon on Sept 9-10 along the Kokoda Track, the Fuzzy Wuzzy rugby league 9s competition on Sept 11-15 at the National Football Stadium; and a cultural show on Sept 16.
“With our planned programmes set to be rolled out as scheduled, we will commemorate events to remember those men who sacrificed for us to live like what we are today,” he said.
“Right now some of the stakeholders like supporters and sponsors could not make it on time as they are involved in the elections and that we need to give them some time so that they can come on board at a later date after getting themselves sorted out.” Chairman of the steering committee Mathias Jack added the events have been postponed because of the election.
Meanwhile, Port Moresby Rugby League vice-president, Manu Lofena, tournament director Veks Baro and marathon coordinator Norris Selu said that the dates for the programme were important for the continuity of the four events leading into the Independence Day celebrations.

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