Kokopo city to increase fees


BUSINESSES and residents of Kokopo have been warned to expect an increase in fees next year.
Kokopo City Commission manager Freddy Lemeki said the increase in fees was necessary to provide effective services.
It was discussed during the business licensing committee meeting last week. Lemeki said with many development projects taking place in Kokopo, recently declared a city with a population of more than 80,000, there was a growing demand for the effective delivery of municipal services.
“Our capacity is not enough to provide services,” Lemeki said.
“Therefore we need to increase our fees to provide effective services. There are likely to be changes on business license fees, garbage collection fees, billboards, flyers and advertising fees.”
He said garbage collection in Kokopo was done once a week.
This will be increased to twice weekly next year. Fees for billboard advertising are currently being collected on a quarterly basis. This too will be changed. Fees approved by the city commission board will be announced soon.
The Kokopo City Authority has the power to enter into contracts, create businesses, charge fees for services provided, and engage staff and other activities to effectively carry out its functions. To date, there are 460 business houses registered with business licenses in the urban areas. There are 124 registered businesses in rural areas.
The trend currently was one company operating different business activities. Booming businesses are retail business mostly by foreigners, hire car companies and financial institutions.

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