Komal to use past shortfalls as guide for development plans


NIPA-Kutubu MP Jeffery Komal will be conducting a post-mortem of his service delivery efforts from 2012 to 2017 under the district’s five-year development plan.
This is to establish which projects have been completed and which have not.
Komal said this was the first order of business after he returned to the electorate.
He said he would be deliberating on two important matters in the first district development authority meeting which were the post-mortem of services and a road map for 2017 to 2022 using 2012 to 2017 as guide to advance Nipa-Kutubu electorate to the next level.
“The meeting will also be used to identify the shortfalls and the constraints faced in fulfilling the 2012 -2017 district development plan and recommend for corrective measures to be accommodated in the 2017-2022 plan,” Komal said.
“I am quite satisfied that I have completed 80 per cent of the 2012-2017 developmental plan and look forward to finishing the 20 per cent before I embark on the 2017-2022 plan for the district.”
He said the five pillars of his developmental priorities were health, education, law and justice,
infrastructure development and SMEs.
“One important sector I will invest in is agriculture. This will come hand in hand with SMEs,” he said.
“This is where the electorate’s future is vested, therefore, an action plan will be drawn up to guide its implementation plan.”
Komal said some recurrent projects he would work towards completing before 2022 were:

  • The Nipa 20-year township physical development plan;
  • Nipa stadium (in preparation for 2018 PNG Games);
  •  Nipa Hospital;
  •  Nipa Teachers’ college;
  •  Nipa township roads sealing;
  •  Nipa court house;
  •  commissioning of Nipa rural lockup;
  •  Nipa police barracks  (funded by Oil Search Ltd);
  •  Nipa Secondary School (funded by Oil Search Ltd)
  •  Kowama Health Centre (funded by Oil Search Ltd); and,
  •  The district treasury building

Komal called on the 18 candidates who challenged him in the election to work with him for the betterment of the people.

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