Kramer’s initiative helping women learn new skills

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A non-government organisation established in Madang 15 years ago has passed on life skills such as sewing to more than 2000 local women.
Youth Link senior staff Lily Saweni said the organisation was established by  Madang MP Brian Kramer in 2002, with the aim of improving lives of
women in communities within the province.
“The main reason for training women was basically to help them dress better and also to open opportunity for mothers to make income for their
family through sewing,” Saweni said.
She said that bringing change to the lives of unfortunate people, especially women, was what that motivated the organisation.
“Providing a lifetime opportunity and helping the unfortunate people was one of goals that motivated a small, yet a life-changing organisation to give
second chance to local women in Madang.”
Saweni said that they travelled to different villages over the years and gave a week-long training to women.
“We have been to  all parts of Madang and so far we have run 20 trainings among local mothers,” she said.

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