Kua makes ‘no confidence vote’ threat


SinaSina-Yongomugl MP and National Party leader Kerenga Kua says they will change the government in a no-confidence vote after 18 months.
“It is not a lost cause. We are already on the verge of changing this government even though it is just a few hour old,” Kua said yesterday after the first session of parliament following  the 2017 elections.
“There is promise. We are not going to give them an easy ride. They have to justify every little policy or legislative issue that they introduce in parliament will carefully be vetted by us.  We have the depth of experience with us here.  We are going to give this country a beautiful Opposition that we did not have for a long time. So there is promise for the Opposition and very soon we will replace the government.”
During the Opposition’s press conference in parliament after the election of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Kua said the O’Neill-government did not represent PNG.
“This Prime Minister they have elected is not the true PM for PNG.  He is the PM for the 60 MPs who have voted for him into parliament,” Kua said.
“The people did not give mandate to O’Neill. All the newly elected MPs who had removed former PNC’s candidates   were wrong when they disrespected their voters and joined the PNC,  the voters told them not to do so. For example, they removed PNC candidates and then they joined PNC. So why the voters did remove PNC? If they wanted PNC, then they should have voted for PNC candidates.”

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