Kua urges leaders to think about the country


PNG National Party leader Kerenga Kua has urged newly-elected MPs to seriously consider issues affecting the people before supporting anyone wanting to become prime minister.
Kua said the current government had brought the nation to its knees.
“We have seen and heard (enough) over the last seven years,” he said.
“I am appealing to the members elected including those in the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) to think very seriously about the people and the country.”
“I know there are candidates of good moral standings being elected as independents or contesting under PNC.
“I am appealing to you again to think very seriously about the issues facing our people and Papua New Guinea.
“If we had to take a stance for our country, there is no better time than today.”
He said the lines had been drawn during the last session of the ninth Parliament last year.
Kua said revenue from the million tonnes of oil and gas was still to reach beneficiaries in provinces such as Hela.

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