Kua urges politicians to be accountable in decision making


THE cornerstone for any sensible government in a democratic country is transparency, accountability and good governance, says PNG National Party leader Kerenga Kua.
A constitutional lawyer-cum-politician, Kua said that during an awareness rally conducted by his party at the Eriku Oval in Lae last Friday.
The awareness attracted a large crowd to hear the Sinasina-Yongomulg MP and former minister.
Prominent statesmen Sir Boyamo Sali, Sir Nagora Bogan and Manus MP and PNG National Party candidate Ronney Knight were at the occasion.
The rally was held to announce the appointment of the party’s provincial executives and the opening of its provincial office.
Kua said to have a transparent and accountable government, meant that decisions should be made in public and leaders must own up to the consequences of their decisions and actions.
“Proper rules and procedures must be followed in decision-making,” Kua said.
“You must understand the consequences of the decisions you make.
“If your decisions do not turn out right, you must be accountable to the people because you sit in a position of trust.
“You must explain to the owners of the power and resources how and why you went wrong in your decisions.”
Kua said he observed that systems and mechanisms of accountability in the country were compromised to some extent.
He said if established institutions of ensuring accountability like the Ombudsman Commission was paralysed, then people would take laws into their own hands.
He said PNG was heading down that path and it was dangerous for the country’s democracy.
Kua said since the death of Chronox Manek, there was no substantive appointment of a permanent Ombudsman Commissioner and those appointed were on acting capacities.
“What I see is the systematic suppression of all systems of accountability,” Kua said.
“It is intentional and deliberate and is strategically designed.”

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