Kua wants all seats declared before EC issues invite


THE leader of the PNG National Party, Kerenga Kua, is urging the Ombudsman Commission to continue to apply for extensions for the return of writs until all seats are declared.
In a statement released yesterday, he said the balance of power was still in the undeclared seats.
“All seats should be declared to give the people of PNG an opportunity to vote for their Prime Minister,” Kua said.
“Our provincial seats should be declared as a matter of priority as the number of people casting their votes for those seats is substantial and representative of entire provinces.
“People have already delivered their mandate via the casting of their individual vote.
“The process of counting and declaration must not work to deny their right to choose.
Kua said the law was clear in that an invitation to form government was not be extended to any party until the last of the writs were returned.
“If the date for the return of writs is extended then that new date is the date on which the invitation letter should be issued,” he said.
“Clearly last week’s letter of invitation to PNC to form government is invalid.
Kua appealed to members-elect to go to the parties that endorsed them and for independents to stand firm by their policies.
“Listen to the voices of your people and have the courage to do the right thing,” he said.

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