Kudos on potato project


THE establishment of Yapai potato project in Enga is really an innovative and life-changing project to be initiated by any great leaders in our times.
A million words of thanks goes to uncle, entrepreneur and economist Sam Talepakali for successfully establishing this viable project which eventually led to its successful launching which was attended by some of the most prominent people in this country.
Such project is what local people want leaders to initiate for them to work.
The project will not only benefit the people of Yapai and its surrounding communities but the Lagaip-Porgera district and even Enga.
This project will also reduce law and order problems, as most people will be concentrating on tilling the soil to produce more potatoes.
The products will be sold to the big catering companies in the country. As a result of the sales, there will be more income coming for the locals to spend on things that they require. This will boost their morale and they will work harder.

Yalo Hexton Kapili,

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