Kulang slams board


TOURISM, Arts and Culture Minister Tobias Kulang has lashed out at the board of one of the agencies under his ministry for making an appointment without his knowledge.
The National Museum and Arts Gallery board recently reappointed a public servant without informing the minister.
“How is this country going to function effectively if we allow self-serving boards and senior public officials to circumvent the system instead of following set procedures?” he said.
The board should have submitted a list of at least three names to the minister. Kulang will then make a recommendation to the National Executive Council (NEC) or the Ministerial Executive Appointment Commitment to make the appointment or revoke it.
The acting appointment was made this week without Kulang’s knowlegde.
“I am the minister for tourism, arts and culture and I have not been properly consulted as required by Section Six of the principal law – the Regulatory State Authorities (Appointment to Certain Offices) Act 2004,” Kulang said.
“I call on the board (members) to declare their interest in this matter because they know very well that there are outstanding issues which have made it difficult for me to make a decision prematurely.
“There are also issues of nepotism at the museum where top management is dominated by one provincial group. The constitution of the board also needs to be reviewed as it is also dominated by one region.
“The board members have not put before me a constructive and legal advice in good time to take carriage of this matter properly through the proper NEC appointment process.”

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