Kuli calls on South Waghi leaders for backing


ANGLIMP-South Waghi MP Joe Kuli is inviting all leaders in his electorate to propose ideas for development.
Kuli said that politicians and those who contested against him in the recent election should also unite and help to contribute meaningfully towards the development of the district.
“We need to show unity and make sure that everything will work out right for us all.
“Unity is the key that will help us to bring in changes that help the people.”
Kuli said nothing would change in the electorate and the adjoining areas of Jiwaka when people kept point fingers at each other but unity would bring change.
“Therefore I need each and every one of you to come forward and help in whatever ways you can to bring this electorate forward.”
Kuli’s vision for the electorate includes better health, road infrastructure, education and other tangible developments.
“Nothing will change if we sit around like spectators. We need to make things work by showing unity.
“My job is to make sure you enjoy the benefits of services delivery but I want you to come forward and show unity and take part in any development that will take place,” Kuli said.

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