Kuman, Juffa clash in parliament

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Education Minister Nick Kuman yesterday got into a slanging match with Northern Governor Gary Juffa over the tuition fee-free policy.
Kuman accused Juffa of being one who continuously used Facebook to attack others and said he was “better educated” than him.
He challenged Juffa to pay for rations for schools rather than “hanging on Facebook and talking about other people”.
“Shame on you,” Kuman lashed out.
“That’s what you do.
“You want to win people’s sympathy on Facebook but you can’t do it. I’m better educated than you are.”
Kuman was answering questions from South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu on the TFF policy when Juffa broke in with a point of order claiming that the “TFF policy is not working very well in this country”.
“You took it out of context,” Kuman told Juffa.
“Unless you and the Opposition group on the other side have a very good programme in education, I can challenge you on the floor of Parliament that you have not got one single thing.
“You tell me exactly what else would you do when you are in government.
“What is your alternative education policy?
“You don’t have any.
“You have absolutely nothing.
“You cannot offer the country anything.”

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