Kutubu SPA enquiry sought


I want to express my greatest dissatisfaction with the manner in which the Kutubu Special Purposes Authority (KSPA) is being administered.
When the decentralisation policy of the government was introduced in 2002, there was a great transition from the centralised, colonial-style of administration to the current three-tier system of government.
This transition has resulted in the creation of the District Development Authority (DDA) concept which has given  greater autonomy and power to the districts.
A similar concept was created in 2004 for districts and  local level governments (LLG) hosting significant economic projects such as mining, petroleum and logging. It is called the Special Purposes Authority (SPA).
The Kutubu Special Purposes Authority was mandated to manage 30 per cent of all development levies for the Kutubu oil project.
In 2006, Kutubu SPA was taken over by a group of local hand-picked influential people.
One thing led to another and now inefficiencies have led to the fragmentation of efforts to deliver the Kutubu five-year development plan.
There is no effective government control of KSPA.
I am calling for an investigation of KSPA and the EITI Secretariat and an audit the operations of trust accounts.

Wame Kama’ae

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