Labour begins job reviews


THE Department of Labour is reviewing job classifications to identify occupations which should be reserved for locals only, Secretary Mary Morola says.
Morola told The National that prohibited occupations were “red jobs” which foreigners were not allowed to occupy and should be reserved for Papua New Guineans.
She said there were 800 classifications of jobs in the labour market – 200 in the foreign employment open category and 200 in the restricted occupations and prohibited category.
Another 400 are in the open category which the department plans to reduce as most are currently being undertaken by locals.
“The Employment of Non-Citizens Act was enacted in 2007 and enforced on Jan 1, 2009,” she said.
“We have not reviewed it for almost seven years.”
She said the review had started to reduce the open category of foreigners coming in and increase the prohibited occupations to promote employment for local people.
Morola said 200 occupations were conditional – where employers were required to advertise and look for suitable candidates in the labour market.
“If they were not able to identify skilled workers (locally), then we allow them to engage foreigners. But they have to prove evidence report of advertisement, their selection reports that they were not able to employ a Papua New Guinean to take up the job,” she said.
“There are about 250 prohibited occupations so we are hoping to reduce the open and the green category for the ones that are open to the foreigners and the conditional ones we will reduce to create more opportunities for locals.”

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