Lack of resources affects police work


GULF police say they could not respond quickly to crime reports due to lack of resources.
Provincial police commander Senior Insp Silas Wayagure told The National yesterday that there had been reports of drug smuggling in the Kikori district.
“The reports are coming in but we were not able to attend to them because we lacked resources,” he said.
Wayagure said in order to attend to the reports, they would need boats, manpower and other necessities to travel up the Kikori River to investigate.
He said there were also reports that a Port Moresby-based PMV which served the Kerema route was stoned by drunkards somewhere along the highway.
According to police, PMV operators at Erima, in NCD, allegedly retaliated by confiscating vehicle keys from Gulf PMV drivers.
“Gulf PMV operators were threatened and this has caused inconvenience to the travelling public,” Wayagure said.
Wayagure was in Port Moresby yesterday to resolve the issue with the city police and the Tari community in Erima.
Meanwhile, he said there were also reports that a man from Baimuru was killed last Sunday in a fight with his drinking mates.
Wayagure said because of that, the victim’s family retaliated by protesting in Kerema town yesterday.

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