Lack of workforce an obstacle, says officer


A PUBLIC servant says the shortage of staff and poor accommodation are problems faced by those working in rural areas.
Huon Gulf district health manager Pendek Sitong said staff quarters and facilities were the two biggest problems.
Sitong revealed this during a joint meeting of the Huon Gulf district management team and the provincial management team on Wednesday.
Acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou, deputies Murewe Zurenuoc, Lucas Kisu and Robin Bazinuc were at the meeting.
Provincial programme advisers for health, education, community development, sports and culture, human resource and commerce also attended.
Bazinuc said 19 aid posts in Huon Gulf had to be closed because of the lack of staffing.
“Can we give some perks and privileges such as hardship allowances for those willing to serve in remote areas?” Bazinuc said.
Sitong said there was no district health inspector in Wampar, Salamaua and Morobe.
Sitong said in March she needed 22 health workers to fill the vacancies in aid posts.
The aid posts needed 18 staff in Wampar, 12 in Salamaua and nine in Morobe.
Human resource manager Miring Sigoling said the Department of Personnel Management had issued a circular not to recruit any new public servants.
Council managers were urged to organise such meetings to address issues.

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