Lae assured of ample drug stocks


THE Lae area medical store has enough medicines to maintain health services in Morobe for the time being, provincial health adviser Micah Yawing says.
The medical store is monitoring and controlling stocks of basic medicines, including antibiotics.
“In Morobe, we are okay. We have adequate supply to keep our health services in the districts for the next seven to eight months while waiting for the Health Department’s procurement,” Yawing told The National.
“We are prepared for the worse.
“If worse comes to worse and stocks at the store are dried up, we will fork out (funds) from our provincial budget to buy from pharmacies.”
Yawing said the drug procurement was the Health Department’s responsibility and involved various certifications and vetting procedures.
He said there were various vetting procedures for procurement, to get next year’s medical supplies the department has to order the supplies seven to eight months in advance.
Yawing said the provincial disease control unit was monitoring indications of any outbreak due to changes in weather in Morobe.

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