Lae coffee shop reopens after fire


ONE of Lae’s locally-owned coffee shops which was razed by fire in 2014 has been re-opened for business.
The Chigi’s Coffee Shop was located inside the old Brian Bell shop on Mongola Street when it caught fire.
Laura Boussougou, the cafe’s managing director, said they lost everything in the fire and had lost hope because their shop was not insured.
“We’ve been with Brian Bell since 2006,” Boussougou said.
“We did not give up hope. For two years we followed Brian Bell wherever they went setting up our little coffee shop inside their shop.
“There were times when we wanted to give up because finances were very tight.
“But Brian Bell assured us that when they set up again, we will be back on our feet.
“What you see here is Brian Bell’s promise to us. So we are grateful. We stuck with them and they looked after us.”
Boussougou said they had set up the coffee shop inside Brian Bell’s building to give customers a relaxed and friendly shopping environment.
They have 10 fulltime staff at their café and hope to employ more later.

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