Lae criminals warned


POLICE have issued a stern warning to criminals in Lae to surrender after a notorious gang member was shot and killed during the weekend.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jr made this call following his direction to police to clear the city off wanted criminals.
“I call on the relatives of wanted criminals on the run to turn them in or persuade them to surrender to police in order to make Lae a safer place to live in,” he told The National.
He said there were a number of known criminals who were shot and injured by police during a shootout and they are living at various locations in the city with family and friends.
Wagambie said the criminals were armed with factory-made firearms and they were being assisted by their friends and families to evade police.
“I want these individuals to voluntarily surrender themselves and surrender factory-made weapons before we come for them,” he warned.
He said community leaders and individuals in communities should report to police if they knew of the whereabouts of the criminals.
“One day you might become another victim of one of these criminals, therefore, you have to do what is right so that we can have a secure and safer community to live in.”
According to police reports, the criminal who was killed last weekend ignored police warning and refused to surrender until he was shot at his hideout after he issued death threats to the police.

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