Lae lessons for Rosso


THERE are three things that Lae MP John Rosso should take into account when planning to develop Lae City next year.
Firstly, land grabbing has become a very big issue here in the industrial city. People are forging signatures and names to acquire land without the knowledge of the landowners.
Secondly, we are exercising what the Holy Book said, ‘Let the dead bury themselves’.
It is clear that Lae City is having a hard time trying to find land for a cemetery because the Second Seven Cemetery is full and has been closed for nearly two decades.
Last week when a family buried their relative at Butibam Cemetery, the villagers told them to dig it up and take it away to wherever they came from and bury it there.
This scares me. Where can we, the people who have lived in Lae for more than 60 years, bury our dead? Are we going to bury our dead at where we live?
Finally, public beach. Fourteen years ago, there was this wonderful beach called Jebu Beach located opposite the Sir Iglasius Kilage Stadium where families, church groups, businesses, etc, went to relax, have a BBQ or swim.
Today we have shops there.
It’s sad to see that while other provinces have a public beach, we in Lae have none.
There is a beach at Wagan Village, but the villagers don’t allow outsiders to go there.
When people go to Wong Tim Park, they get robbed, and when they go to DCA, it’s overcrowded and people get hurt from the steel rods and hard concretes dumped there.
So Rosso, look at these three issues and see what you can do to make the people of Lae happy and safe again.

NICEpla ya.

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