Lae plans second fire station


MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu says Lae will have a second fire station to deal with emergencies in the city.
Saonu told The National that Lae was still expanding and needed an expansion of such services.
His comments came in the wake of two separate fires in Port Moresby which recently burnt down 18 houses at the Motuan village of Hanuabada.
Saonu said the second fire station would be built at a strategic location to cater for the needs of the residents and business houses.
He said a well-equipped fire service was one thing members of the Lae business community wanted to see in the city. They had raised this concern through Alan McLay, the Lae Chamber
of Commerce and Industry president.
“There should be a second fire station because Lae is expanding. We must see this happen in our time,” he said.
“We must also take care of the existing one before we talk about additional things. There’s only one operational fire truck that is not sufficient and cannot reach most areas.
“The fire service is a vital service.”

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