Lae police conducts awareness on issues in schools


POLICE in Lae are conducting an awareness targeting schools throughout the city to address issues such as sexual violence, drugs, homebrew and children’s right.
The awareness conducted by the city’s community policing team, started on Monday at Saint Martin Primary School in Papua Compound and would reach out to other schools in the rest of this month.
The awareness was headed by Senior Sergeant Alois Gabuor, officer in charge of community policing with the assistance of the drug squad, sexual offences unit and the Correctional Services.
Gabour highlighted that activities such as sexual abuse and use of marijuana and homebrew were becoming prevalent throughout communities in the country, therefore, school children have to be made aware of that at an early age to avoid such activities.
Lae drug investigator Senior Sergeant Bonny Munaup told the Saint Martin Primary School students to avoid drugs because drug abuse has proven to be the cause of all sorts of violence
“You all should study hard and keep away from marijuana and say no to it because it will make life very hard for you,” he said.
Sexual offences unit investigator Birik also warned students to avoid taking gifts or money from people because that may lead to sexual abuse.
“Sexual abuse is becoming a norm in the society and the perpetrators are often relatives or close friends of the victims who lure them with gifts before sexually harassing them,” he explained.
Kamai advised students to report such matters to their parents or the police so perpetrators could be arrested.
“Here in Lae, we have the Family Support Centre to support victims of sexual abuse receive medical help.
“We have the sexual offences unit in place to help arrest and charge those involved in sexual abuse.”

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