Lae police warn of impersonators


BUSINESS houses in Lae have been warned to be on the alert for police impersonators with fake search warrants after police intelligence received information of planned robberies.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jr issued the warning after police intelligence uncovered plans of retaliation by criminals following successive police raids on their hideouts.
He advised the business community in the province and the city to be cautious after police shot and killed a wanted gang member last Saturday.
“I want business houses to be on guard as police have received reports of planned robberies to cater for the funeral and haus krai for the criminal who was killed,” he said.
According to police reports, three members of the gang were shot and killed within a month after Lae police stepped up operations and conducted foot patrols to curb crime.
Wagambie warned that criminals could dress and pretend to be employees of an organisation or even as police officers and use fake search warrants to gain access into a building or an office.
“You have to quickly inform police if anyone goes into your premises with a fake search warrant because they might be criminals disguised as police officers.”
He said the new police search warrant consisted of six pages, however, police impersonators may use a one- page search warrant so business houses should be mindful of that.
Meanwhile, the criminal killed last week at a hideout in a jungle at the back of Munum village was wanted for a spate of robberies.

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