Land group gets ILG after 45 years


After a lengthy wait, members of the Magea Land Group of Mava village in  Kairuku, Central, have taken possession  of their Incorporated Land Group (ILG) certificate.
It took 45 years and naturally they were all smiles when the group led by chairman Jack Oa, his deputy David Arua and treasurer William Vincent arrived last week armed with the document.
The surviving principal landowner Arua Mea and his sister Eme Mea were overjoyed at the sight of the ILG certificate.
With tears rolling down his cheeks, Arua said: “I am a proud man today. After fighting for this land for almost 45 years, despite many challenges from the so-called landowners and objectors, we have finally received our ILG certificate and are recognised legitimate landowners.”
Eme Mea shared the sentiments.
The ILG certificate recognises the Magea Land Group as the legitimate landowners of the Agevairua and the Ogora landmass, including the gravel pits, which were signed off by the ILG registrar recently.
The 6ha of land has been disputed over for the past couple of years, with several clans claiming ownership of it.
Oa, flanked by his executives, was overjoyed to finally receive the ILG title but said that journey to recognition as the landowners was a struggle for the clan members.
“In our experience over the past couple of years, the process of ILG registration and recognition was not an easy task,” he said.
“We had to follow all procedures and satisfy all ILG requirements before we could be qualified and recognised as the legitimate landowners of Agevairua and the Ogora landmass.
All objectors of this said land have been notified.
“We tried very hard to get that renewed because there were other groups that tried to challenge our group. Now we wish to advise them and the people back home that the true landowners of the Agevairua, the Ogora landmass and the gravel pits are the Magea Land Group, said the chairman Jack Oa.”

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