Landowner firm aims to become competitive in catering business


A LANDOWNER company says it wants to become very competitive in the catering business.
PNG Mining and Petroleum Hospitality Services Limited chief finance officer Jonathan Corotan said their plan was to see themselves as another Eurest in Papua New Guinea.
Corotan said there were landowner companies from Kutubu, Hides, Gobe and Kikori managed by the international catering firm Eurest Catering Company.
He said, during the company’s first anniversary celebration in Port Moresby on Monday, the company wanted to be like Eurest which was very competitive in the (catering) market globally.
“Eurest ceased operation last year and all those landowner catering companies have come together as PNG Mining and Petroleum Hospitality Services Limited. We want to operate on a level-playing field as IPI catering or Eurest or others in this sector to be competitive in the industry,” Corotan said.
“That’s the main focus and I think it’s a great achievement for us in just one year of operation.”
General manager Stephen Curry said the company was accredited ISO 9001 quality management systems standards within its first six months of operation. He said to get international accreditation required assessment on business practices.
“How we conduct our business, our account system, our safety systems, especially safety by our business operations by an independent team so they come in independently and assess us to ensure that we meet the international standard,” Corotan said.
“And we have achieved, demonstrated and have achieved ISO 9001 just within six months of operation.
“We were expecting to take about 12 months to achieve it.
“But we achieved it within six months.
“We are a very new company but we have done great and in the next few years, we are hoping to be a key player in the support services both within Papua New Guinea and abroad.”

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