Landowner firm aims to enter into mainstream business


THE Hides Gas Development Company aims to enter into mainstream business instead of operating only as a landowner company around the PNG LNG project area.
Chairman Tuguyawini Pirindali said this would be made possible by the partnership forged with American landowner company Nana Development Corporation (NDC) of Alaska.
NDC companies focus on serving the federal, oil and gas, and commercial business sectors.
“It seeks ways to use land and 10,000 years of doing business to provide service to the benefit of our clients, Nana Regional Corporation’s shareholders, and the communities in which we live,” he said.
“Today, NDC is a leader in engineering and construction, resource development, facilities management and logistics, real estate and hotel development, and information technology and telecommunications.
Based in Anchorage, Alaska, it employs 15,000 people in the United States and around the globe.
Pirindali was speaking in at the HGDC camp site when welcoming NDC subsidiary Nana Pacific’s senior advisor and chief strategist, Charlie Curtis and president of Nana Pacific Stan Fleming.
According to HDGC website, HDGC was established in April 2008 to become the umbrella landowner company for the upstream section of the PNG LNG Project.
The company is recognised by ExxonMobil PNG Limited as legitimate umbrella landowner company representing 15 regional landowner companies from Hides Petroleum Development Licence (PDL) 1 and 7, Angore PDL 8, Juha PDL 9, Komo Airfield Development, Kobalu Camp and Benaria Pipeline. It has a fully represented Board comprising 18 directors appointed by the shareholders of their regional landowner companies.

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