Landowner group to keep leadership positions, official says


A LANDOWNER group executive from Hela says the group will not share leadership positions with others in the Angore Petroleum Development Licence (PDL) 8 in the PNG LNG Project.
However, Angore Wellhead Leadership Committee (AWLC) chairman John Akipe said in a statement that benefits accrued from the Angore PDL 8 could be distributed or shared.
Akipe was adamant that leadership positions for Angore would strictly be kept by Halapura, Imika, Hurupali and Pereke clans.
Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban yesterday said a team had almost completed the alternative dispute resolution or mediation for Angore.
Akipe said among the 49 clans, only Halapura, Imika, Hurupali and Pereke clans were identified as the rightful custodians of tribal land on which wellheads A, A1 and B and their gas reserves beneath the Angore reservoir were located.
“Only four clans own the wellheads and this is our private business. It belongs to all the Hari Haris,” Akipe said.
“Though the boundary of PDL 8 is very big, stretching as far as Pureni in Koroba-Lake Kopiago, and Komo, Hogambe and Awa Tangi in Komo-Margarima electorates, the three wellheads and the reserve are all located in this small village called Undupi in Tari-Pori.”
Akipe made these remarks last Friday during a gathering at the site of wellhead B.
Akipe, Angore special purpose authority (ASPA) chairman Peter Haluma and directors took First Assistant Secretary of Department of National Planning and Monitoring Koney Samuel on a tour of the wellheads.
“I tell you others may claim to be from Angore PDL 8 but they won’t take you around like this because they do not own the wellheads,” Akipe told Samuel and other officials.
“Seventy-two per cent of the benefits belong to the four clans. We have formed AWLC and we have informed the Government that we will keep all leadership positions.
“Whether it be the leadership at the 4.27 per cent Kroton equity company, chairmanship of Gas Resources Angore at the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC), our umbrella company Angore Holdings Limited or any other leadership.”
He thanked chairman Elizah Timbah (Imika), Tamule Kulu (Pereke) and Tambiawi Tangilape (Hurupali) for assisting him.

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